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Here at Rocky Acres we raise... Registered KuneKune Pigs, sheep, beef cows and layer chickens.

We are 100% responsible for the well-being of our animals and take this responsibility very seriously.

That is why we are dedicated to raising all of our animals with the utmost respect, care, compassion and love. They ALL deserve an amazing life every single day! 

Our Farm GOALS are to:

1. Give our animals amazing stress-free lives, by allowing them to forage naturally and build strong herd/flock relationships

2. Ensure we exceed the daily health and welfare needs including both physical and social well-being of all our animals by providing humane and timely health care, daily hands-on human & animal interaction and TLC including enrichment activities, treats, baths, wading pools, scratches and cuddles!  

3. Restore our lands fertility through rotational diversified grazing

4. Educate our children about safety, hard-work, dedication, respect, animal care and all of life's lessons that can be learned on our farm

5. Provide healthy, sustainable food for our family & friends

A Day In The Life of our Animals...

Our animals all have first names and come when called, they are spoiled with our daily attention and that of our three young children who are learning the ins and outs of farm chores, responsibility and hard work. We run rotational grazing for all the animals. Sometimes you will see the pigs running the pastures with the cows and sheep, other days the pigs are in with the chickens and dogs. They all co-exist together and in harmony, all while regenerating the soil and improving the biodiversity of the land. It truly is a beautiful thing to watch! 

Our animals graze daily on mixed grass pastures and whatever they can forage naturally. We are hands on here at the farm and everyday (multiple times a day) we are out there hand feeding, watering and loving on all of our animals. At night after evening chores and bedtimes snacks for all we lead our pigs, sheep and hens back to the barn at night where they are safe from potential night time predators. Our pigs are also given daily swine grain rations to meet their specific mineral/vitamin dietary needs, lambs are self-weaned by their moms and given access to lamb tex to develop their rumen and when winter pastures are covered in snow, all of our animals have 24/7 access to grass mix hay and grain as required. 

Not only do we take our animals well-being seriously but their health and welfare as-well. Farm animals in B.C. are protected under the animal welfare act - the prevention of cruelty to animals ACT. and this is a big deal! Not only do we at Rocky Acres Farm meet the basic care needs of our animals with fresh air, sunlight, shelter, food and water 365 days a year, BUT we believe in so much more!


On cold days which can get down to -35c here you can find us chipping ice out of any frozen water buckets, ensuring the heated barn is keeping everyone cozy, mucking stalls and refilling fresh bedding which allows our pigs especially to burry down into their straw pig caves, ensuring the cows and sheeps have well stocked mineral supplements. In the Spring we are ensuring crush rails are up, heat lamps are ready for lambs and piglets and each mama to be is settling into their individual farrowing or lambing pen. In the summer heat which can hit days over 40c and on-top of the regular chores of feeding/watering we are constantly running around cleaning, scrubbing and refilling water stations, moving wallow pools into the shade and hand hosing down our pigs to ensure they stay cool in the summer heat. These are just some of the examples of the little extras we do around the farm...we care, its that simple, an animal is a living breathing thing and we want our animals HAPPY every single day! 


We consult regularly with Mulligan Veterinarian Services a local farm vet who is amazing with all our animals, as-well as Greenbelt Swine Vet via phone calls for unique swine specific issues. We provide all our animals with routine veterinarian care, vaccinations and deworm as necessary. 

Contact Us

Keshia & Robert Fengler

Barriere (Louis Creek) B.C. Canada

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