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KuneKune Piglets

GUS GUS (WN Mahia Love 14) X PEARL (WN Tapeka 23)
Born: June 19th 2023
Ready for new homes end of August! 

2023 Piglets - SOLD OUT
2024 Piglets - accepting limited deposits for Spring 2024

Gus Gus
WN Mahia Love
WN Tapeka

Delilah - SOLD


Peaches - SOLD


Eddie - SOLD


Casper - SOLD


Tank - SOLD


Frankie - SOLD

Potential Buyers

All Piglets sold by Rocky Acres Farm come with the following:

1. Buyer/Seller Contract

2. Registered with either AKKPS or IKHR depending on litter (some piglets may be dual registered)

2. Vet checked by Mulligan Veterinarian Service prior to leaving for their new home 

3. Vaccinated and Dewormed outlined by our Vet established protocol

4. Fitted with PigTrace Eartags

5. Weaned and evaluated at 8weeks

6. Ready for their new homes at 10weeks of age

7. Castrated by Veterinarian Services at 10-12weeks of age- these piglets will be monitored for 10 days post procedure prior to going to their new home. 

Piglets Vaccination/Deworming Protocol 

  • Iron Injections at 3 days of age and repeated at 2 weeks of age

  • Vitamin A/D at 2 weeks of age 

  • CircoFLEX at 3 weeks of age

  • FarrowSure Gold B at 3 weeks and  6 weeks of age 

  • Deworming injectable at weaning

A few notes from Rocky Acres:

Overall, a piglets health begins long before they are born into the world. We continuously assess all of our breeding stock to ensure they are ready to breed, prior to arranging the pairing. The pig needs to be in healthy physical condition to promote a healthy pregnancy. You do not want to breed a pig too young or immature, nor do you want to breed a pig who is overweight.


Rocky Acres Farm follows a strict nutrition program and vaccination/deworming protocol established by our specialized swine vets: Greenbelt Veterinarian Services and Mulligan Veterinarian Services.  

KuneKunes can change ALOT between birth and weaning. We do not make any final decisions about what piglet meets our breeding quality standards Vs. pet and/or meat quality until weaning - 8 weeks of age.


Once we have classified the piglets, we assist our buyers in selecting the best available pig to meet their needs - in order of deposit received.  Deposits are non-refundable. For the largest variety, place your deposit early and you can always "pass" on available animals until the next litter. 

Local pickup from Barriere, (Louis Creek) B.C. (45min North of Kamloops, BC)

Transport available to the lower mainland

Ground & air transport options available across Canada.

ALL shipping options are at the buyers expense - we can assist with making transport arrangements

For prospective NEW PIG Owners we require the following information has been read/completed, check out our resources section for more info:

  1. Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs

  2. Small Lot Pork Producers

  3. Premise ID Number - in order to setup a PigTrace account

  4. PigTrace Canada - this is required for all pig breeders/owners ​​

  5. The name and contact information for your swine veterinarian 


1. For the welfare of our pigs we do not sell pigs to solo homes. Prospective homes should have KuneKunes already or have plans to purchase more than one piglet from us or simultaneously from another breeder. 

2. A piglet born with a single wattle or no wattles - but whom meets our strict breeding standards in every other way will not be rejected as breeding stock for lack of this cosmetic trait and can be registered with AKKPS. 

3. Pet/companion Boar Piglets will be castrated at 10-12weeks of age with the utmost care by our swine veterinarian under local anesthetic and provided pain management during and after the procedure, as-well as broad spectrum antibiotics. The piglet will remain under our observation for 10days post procedure before leaving the farm to their new home. Barrows can then be registered as pets with AKKPS. 


4. To help ensure the preservation and true conformation of the KuneKune breed we do not sell companion/pet Gilts or Sows. The procedure to alter a Gilt/Sow is extremely risky to the pigs health and thus all female piglets will only be sold as breeding stock or put into our own personal pet/pork program. 

We THANK YOU for supporting our small family farm!

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