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Pig Trace

PigTRACE is an industry-led, live animal traceability initiative designed to ensure protection, prosperity and peace of mind for the Canadian pork industry and its customers.

Pigs - COde of Practice

The code of practice for the care and handling of pigs

Canadian Small-scale pig farming manual

For those interested in raising pigs on a small-scale basis. Comprehensive manual with information in key areas to help you raise pigs successfully and responsibly.

bc Small-Lot Pork production manual

This resource manual was developed as a collaborative effort between B.C. Pork and the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture specifically for small lot pork producers. It provides details on good husbandry practices, production economics, marketing, euthanasia, emergency management, and provincial and federal legislation.



The American KuneKune Pig Society is an official breed registry of purebred KuneKunes.


The IKHR is pleased to offer professional registration services to Purebred Kunekune Breeders around the world with DNA verification for proof of parentage at approved labs with locations in most countries.


EKPA is a group of dedicated Kunekune pig breeders and owners who are striving to preserve the breed through education, breed promotion and youth development.

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