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Meet the ladies who produce your free range always fresh EGGS!

Our hens are a mixed heritage breed of chickens, more commonly known as "barnyard mix." We love the unique colourings and personalities that a mixed flock brings to the pasture. The chickens live free range lives during the day as they rotate pastures with our pigs and sheep. They have daily interaction with ourselves, kids, sheep, pigs, dogs and even our friendly barn cat "Marty." Baby chicks are kept in our brooder barn where they are provided with supplement heat source, secured shelter and chick starter/grower feed. Once big enough, they are integrated into the main flock where everyone has access to free range pasture, shelter from the elements, layer feed and fresh water. We do bring the chickens in at night to roost in a secured shelter to keep them safe from predators.

We supplement their diet with oyster shells and treats including custom scratch and mealworms. Chickens that have retired from egg laying remain on the farm and live out their happy retirement years with the rest of the flock.   

EGGS are hand collected daily, washed and ready for purchase at $6/dozen

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