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Our Breeding Program

Our KuneKune breeding program focuses on true breed characteristics, hardiness and the friendly temperament that KuneKunes are known for. Our Kunekune pigs can be used in a variety of programs, farms and homesteads as they truly are a diverse pig!

Piglets coming... SPRING 2023!

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Rocky Acres KuneKunes


(WN Mahia Love 14)


Born: August 21, 2021


IKHR # 28570

ET# 252336

Wattles: 2

Teats: 7/7

Colour: Ginger

Gus comes to us from Whispering Wind Farms in Alberta, Canada. This impressive Boar was pick of the litter - Sired by ILF Mahia Love 21 and Dam WN Aria Giana 6. His easy going, friendly personality is a pleasure to have on the farm. He always comes running full charge for scratches and melts for belly rubs. He also like to cuddle with barn cat. His favorite snack is watermelon! Gus brings forward strong healthy genetics, solid hams and strong pasterns. He placed 1st in his heat in the most recent 2022 International Futurity EKPA Kunekune show. We are so excited to meet his offspring in the Spring of 2023! 

Gus is dual Registered with AKKPS and IKHR


(Schuurman Farms Jenny 10)

Born: August 13, 2021


ET# 988806

Wattles: 2


Colour: Black

Deirdre (aka: Black Betty) comes to use from Schuurman Farms in the Fraser Valley. This magnificent solid black gilt was pick of the litter - sired by ILF Te Whangi 5 (Dyce) and Dam BBS Ranch Kunekunes Jenny 11 (Vegas). Betty is the alpha female of the herd and gets what she wants when she wants it. She enjoys walking the fields and spending time with the chickens. Her favorite snack is banana peels! Betty brings forward true Kunekune genetics with impressive stature and growth and she placed 1st in her heat at the 2022 International Futurity EKPA Kunekune show. We are beyond excited to see her mother her first litter of piglets - expected Spring 2023! 

Betty is AKKPS Registered


(WN Tapeka 23)


Born: Nov 28, 2021

AKKPS# 29127

IKHR # 30794

ET# 252321

COI: 4.7%

Wattles: 2

Teats: 6/6

Colour: Ginger/Black

Pearl comes to us from Whispering Wind Farms in Alberta, Canada. This gilt is packed full of personality and as pick of the litter she does not disappoint! Sired by MBR Ru 1 and Dam by WN Tapeka 15 her corky personality and classic Tapeka ears have made her a favorite on the farm. Pearl is the smartest in the herd and has learned to sit on command. She keeps her eyes on us at all times and alerts the others when we are coming with snacks. Pearl has made best friends with the family dog Rocky and enjoys being groomed by him all the time. Pearls favorite snack is pumpkin! She placed 1st in her heat at the 2022 International Futurity EKPA Kunekune show. Pearl brings forward intelligence, personality, solid hams and those amazing looking ears! We can't wait to meet her piglets in 2023! 

Pearl is dual Registered with AKKPS and IKHR. 


(Rebel Moon Farm Wilson Gina 12)


Birth: January 24, 2022

AKKPS# 23231

IKHR # 36170

ET# 225475

COI: 7.9%

Wattles: 2

Teats: 6/5

Colour: Ginger/Black

Molly comes to us from Rebel Moon Farm. This gilt takes it as it comes as she is the most laid back, go with the flow girl in the herd. She easily switches and pens from hanging out with her brother Crumbles, to spending time in the girl pen she does it with grace and without fuss! Sired by THF RU1 and Dam by SCH Wilsons Gina 5 we are excited to see how she pairs with Gus. Molly enjoys cruising the pastures to explore. Her favorite snack is cucumbers! We expect lots of gingers from Molly's' litter in Summer 2023! 

Molly is dual Registered with AKKPS and IKHR. 



(Rebel Moon Farm Ru7)


Birth: January 24, 2022

AKKPS# 23227


Crumbles comes to us from Rebel Moon Farms as our companion pet barrow. Molly is his sister. Crumbles plays an essential role in the herd as the companion pig for all. He keeps our Boar company in the off-season and runs with gilts when we pair the Boar with his ladies in the breeding season. As a castrated male, Crumbles is the ideal pet/companion animal to not only swine but all types of animals on the farm, including our sheep and dogs. We strongly believe that animal welfare is not only their physical needs, but that their social and emotional needs need to be met as-well to ensure they are healthy and happy! Crumbles ensures that no animal on the farm is ever alone- and he is happy to do his job! 

Rocky Acres Farm is a proud supporter of both the American KuneKune Pig Society (AKKPS) and the International Kunekune Hog Registry (IKHR) depending on our buyers preference and needs. Both registries provide authentication of the breed supported by DNA of the animal to be registered.


AKKPS is committed to the preservation and promotion of purebred, pedigreed and DNA verified KuneKunes and support many KuneKune programs allowing individuals to pursue these amazing pigs to their full potential. They fit perfectly in a variety of agricultural environments - Hobby Farms, Orchards, Pets, Petting Zoos, Breeding Stock, Sustainable Grass fed pork, therapy programs, showing and so much more! 

IKHR focuses on the conservation and preservation of the Kunekune pig by encouraging the breeding and improvement of the Kunekune Pig for pasture pork and progeny.


Support local BC Farms today!  Family operated farms provide huge contributions to local economies. 

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